Vilsack nomination to lead USDA called ‘wise choice’ by Grange president

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Betsy Huber, President of the National Grange, has issued a statement on the Nomination of Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture:

“The National Grange welcomes Tom Vilsack back to USDA as Secretary of Agriculture,” she said, pending his confirmation. “President-elect Biden has made a wise choice to lead the Department at a time when farming is even more essential and food security is a serious issue for more Americans than ever.”

Huber went on to say, “Secretary Vilsack’s experience as a small-town mayor, a two-term governor, a former Secretary of Agriculture and as a CEO in private industry gives him a unique perspective to grapple with the upcoming challenges at USDA. His ability to rise above partisanship will serve USDA well as it prioritizes efforts to connect unserved rural residents with high-speed broadband for distance learning, telehealth, remote business, essential services and smart agriculture.:

“The National Grange looks forward to working with Secretary Vilsack on rural broadband, food and fiber production, the farm economy, trade, food for those in need, environment and climate change, and other rural issues,” Huber said.