Grange Radio

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Episode 8-2012

Back to School Programs

National Grange Program Assistant Austin Miller sits down with Tracey Hanson, Junior Grange Activities Director at the Rhode Island State Grange, Walter Boomsma, Publicity Director at Valley Grange No. 144 in Guilford, Maine and Steve Runkle, President of Cape Fear Grange in North Carolina, to talk about the types of programs Granges participate in to get area children ready to tackle a new year of school. Launch Podcast

Episode 8-2012

Decision to vote through Facebook

National Grange Communications Director, Amanda Brozana, talks with Legislative Director Grace Boatright, former Legislative Director and current Trademark Manager Leroy Watson, New Hampshire State Grange President Jim Tetrault, Washington State Grange President Duane Hamp and the Legislative Director of the Massachusetts State Grange Chris Szkutak on whether Washington State’s decision to allow people to register to vote through Facebook is a good idea. Launch Podcast

Episode 12-2011

Grange Resolutions

National Grange Leadership/Membership Director Michael Martin gives Grangers his five resolutions for the organization and members for 2012. Launch Podcast

Episode 11-2011

Gift of Grange

With the spirit of the holiday season upon us, we see many organizations, including the Grange, working for the community. National Grange President, Ed Luttrell, talks about the spirit of Grange giving all throughout the year, community service projects and more.  Launch Podcast

Episode 10-2011

Trademark Protection

National Grange Special Director for Trademark Protection and Brand Management Leroy Watson and National Grange President Ed Luttrell talk about current infringement cases, update us on the status of the case with Brooklyn Grange LLC, and more. Watson also gives a brief history and overview of the constitutionality of trademark protection and says Grange founders gave us a perpetual gift by taking the initiative to trademark “Grange” for our organization. Launch Podcast

Episode 9-2011

The Importance of Teen Labor on Family Farms

National Grange President Ed Luttrell and National Grange Legislative Director Nicole Palya Wood discuss the proposed regulations against teen farm labor and how it could be detrimental to agriculture.  Launch Podcast

Episode 8-2011

National Grange Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Need a gift idea for the holidays? National Grange President Ed Luttrell and Sales, Benefits, & Programs Director Samantha Johnson talk about the new Yankee Candle Fundraiser. Launch Podcast

Episode 7-2011

FCC and Rural Broadband

National Grange Legislative Director Nicole Palya Wood discusses the FCC’s announcement against the proposed ATT/T-Mobile Merger, which would have expanded broadband further into rural areas. Launch Podcast

Episode 6-2011

2012 Junior Grange Program

Junior Grange Director Diane Szkutak and her son, Chris, speak about the 2012 Junior Grange Program. Launch Podcast

Episode 5-2011

National Session is fun; so is the Newlywed Game

National President Ed Luttrell and his wife Celia discuss reasons to come enjoy this year’s National Session and play a round of the Newlywed Game. Launch Podcast

Episode 4-2011

National Grange Lecturer talks talent in the Order

Pete Pompper, National Grange Lecturer, discusses his favorite things about National Convention, the Evening of Excellence, his workshop, Lecturer’s roles in the Grange and gives a preview for next year’s Lecturer’s program. Launch Podcast

Episode 3-2011

Host Committee Welcomes Grangers

Oklahoma State Grange President Donna Keeton and her husband, Brad, talk about the first ever National Grange session in the state, the recent Oklahoma earthquakes, Tulsa fun facts and more. Launch Podcast

Episode 2-2011

Great expectations for new Leadership/Membership Director

National Leadership/Membership Director Michael Martin talks about National Sessions, getting degrees and mice! Launch Podcast

Episode 1-2011

Meet some new Grange Leaders

Duane Hamp and his wife, Christine, of Washington State, and Karen Lee Latourneau, of Pahrump Grange in Pahrump, Nev., speak about their experiences as new Grange Leaders at National Session.  Launch Podcast