Grange thanks Congress for broadband funding and mapping aid

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On Tuesday, Dec. 22, National Grange President Betsy E. Huber released a statement praising the inclusion of funding for broadband mapping in the recently passed $900 billion relief package.

Huber said, “Congress has recognized the plight of rural Americans and the digital divide that separates them from the rest of the country.  The $7 billion allocated in this bipartisan package for broadband deployment, including full first-year spending to upgrade broadband mapping of digital deserts that have plagued our rural landscape, shows our legislators understand just how important it is to locate those gaps and adequately invest to extend broadband to all.”

“This funding to implement the Broadband DATA Act will begin the process to improve the nation’s broadband mapping data, which can then target broadband expansion to unserved and underserved areas,” Huber said. “Launching the Broadband DATA Act is one more benchmark toward successfully reaching the last mile of rural America with distance learning, telemedicine, remote business and more.”