Grange reacts to new House Ag Committee leaders

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Today the National Grange released statements in support of both the newly selected Democratic House Ag Chairman and Republican Ranking Member.

National Grange President Betsy Huber has a long working relationship with Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson, as both have worked closely with the agriculture community of Pennsylvania for decades. 

Huber called the move by the full House Republican Caucus to select Thompson the Ranking Member an excellent one, noting she expects his selection, along with that of Rep. David Scott as Ag Committee Chairman, will help to “bolster this very important sector that is not just an economic driver but vital to our national security.”

Of Thompson, she said, “I’ve worked with GT for many years on rural and agricultural issues both in Pennsylvania and at the national level.  I consider GT a personal friend, who is very accessible; his door is always open to constituents and ag organizations. He is a passionate supporter of all agriculture. He is familiar with the diversity of the agriculture industry and its workers and affiliated sectors thanks to his work representing the people of Pennsylvania, which as a state has a broad diversity of agriculture. His own district includes a large forestry and forest products industry, something that adds depth to his perspective and will likely make him a fantastic advocate for the industry as a whole.” 

Huber said Thompson, who comes from a family of dairy farmers and has lived in rural Pennsylvania his whole life, has been “a strong voice on the Ag Committee and in the House of Representatives for farmers, ranchers, rural citizens and small town Americans.”

Similarly, Huber said Rep. Scott’s rural roots in South Carolina helps him “understand and appreciate the rural landscape of America.”

“He has been in the trenches of the food and agriculture battles on Capitol Hill, has been willing to work across the political aisle, and has stood firm in support of farmers, ranchers and rural residents,” Huber said.

“We expect GT and Rep. Scott will provide strong agricultural leadership together in the new Congress and we look forward to working with them and the rest of the committee to ensure a bright and prosperous future for each of us as we’re touched everyday by the products and services our agriculture industry provides,” Huber said