Grange Month 2018

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One hundred fifty years—what a milestone! This year’s Grange Month should be filled with celebrations in every Grange, coast to coast! We have a proud history of supporting, educating, advocating, and entertaining rural Americans. Very few organizations last for 150 years so this is our time to celebrate.

Our theme for 2018 Grange Month is “That’s the Grange Way.”  Following up our Doers theme from 2017, it’s the Grange Way to be doers, to volunteer and give and contribute to life where we live.  To be outstanding citizens and be the bridge between two sides who won’t compromise. To teach the world how to get along, what faith, hope, and charity really mean in everyday life.  How to love others even if you don’t like them or don’t agree with them.   We want to tell the world what the Grange Way means, and why they should care, why they should want to join us and help with our efforts to improve lives from the grassroots up.

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