Grange Issues Statement on Final International Pricing Index Rule

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Washington, DC November 24, 2020 – The National Grange released the following statement expressing its disappointment with FDA’s Final Rule and Guidance on Prescription Drug Importation and can be attributed to Betsy Huber, president of the National Grange:

“The National Grange, on behalf of rural communities across the United States, is disappointed the Administration has decided to move ahead with its plan to implement an Most Favored Nation (MFN), formerly known as International Pricing Index, rule thereby importing price controls and restrictive health care systems from foreign countries. While we wholeheartedly support efforts to lower health care costs, the MFN model will not directly reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients but instead restrict patient access to essential treatments and medication. There are better ways to cut patient drug costs such as capping Medicare Part D out of pocket payments, changing the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) model and revamping drug rebate systems.

Furthermore, this change compounds health issues already affecting the 62 million residents of rural communities. In a recent 2020 Rural Health Report, the National Grange provides a thorough review of health care in rural communities before, during and after COVID-19. This report highlights the systematic issue of rural health disparities and implementing MFN will increase those disparities and only create new health care obstacles in rural areas. As a grassroots membership organization, we will continue to focus on policies that expand rather than take away resources for those most vulnerable populations and improve rather than stunt innovation that can improve care for all patients.”

The National Grange is America’s oldest agrarian and grassroots rural advocacy organization with more than 1,800 local, county and state affiliates across the country.

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