Legislative Department

For over 150 years, the National Grange has worked to improve the lives of rural Americans all across our great nation. Our Legislative Department works hard to bring America’s farmers, ranchers and other rural residents the resources they require to stay current and competitive in today’s ever-changing global and local economies. The United States has the safest, most efficient and abundant food supply on earth and the National Grange is dedicated to preserving that incredible status. In addition to protecting the state of our agricultural sector, the Grange works on a host of issues affecting rural America, such as:

  • Broadband Expansion
  • Rural Healthcare
  • Postal Reform
  • Agriculture Education
  • Debt Reduction
  • And many others….

A dedicated nonpartisan grassroots organization since 1867, all Grange policy begins in our 2,100 local Grange chapters and works its way up to National where our dedicated National Grange Legislative Department works to implement these goals and values at the federal level in Washington, DC. Through this democratic process, the Grange will continue its mission of protecting and preserving the livelihoods of rural Americans and ensuring that they enjoy the same access to quality goods and services as their urban counterparts.

If you have any questions regarding the Grange’s policies or legislative priorities, please call the National Grange office, at 202‐628-3507 ex. 114 or via email to beller@nationalgrange.org.