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Podcasts are now available to you from the National Grange. A podcast is a series of audio or video digital media files which is distributed over the Internet by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers.

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2011 Podcasts  
  07/12/11: Rusty Hunt's July TeamSpeak  
  06/08/11: National Grange on Altitude Media  
  05/05/11: The Role of the Legislative Committee  
  04/01/11: National Grange Fundraising  
  01/27/11: Ed Luttrell starts Teamspeak in the new year (Pt. 1)  
  01/27/11: Ed Luttrell starts Teamspeak in the new year (Pt. 2)  
2010 Podcasts  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint Introduction  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 1  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 2  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 3  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 4  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 5  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 6  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 7  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 8  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 9  
  08/26/10: Legislative Blueprint - Point 10  
  03/15/10: National Grange President Ed Luttrell speaks with Arlene Daggs to discuss what credit unions are and the role that they play within the Grange  
2009 Podcasts  
  12/14/09: TeamSpeak call to discuss membership recruitment
  11/19/09: Janet McUlskey, Pfizer
  11/18/09: National Grange President's Internal Address
  11/17/09: National Grange President's Annual Address
  11/16/09: Heroes of the Grange Luncheon
  10/26/09: GGS'09 Live from Virginia: Virginia Interview
  10/19/09: GGS'09 Live from Virginia: Tennessee Interview
  10/12/09: Prepaid Legal Services
  08/31/09: Reaching Out to Volunteers
  07/20/09: Youth at OSG Convention
  06/15/09: Free Internet Tools for Granges
  06/07/09: GGS'09 Live from Iowa: Sunday Morning
  06/06/09: GGS'09 Live from Iowa: Saturday Night
  06/05/09: GGS'09 Live from Iowa: Friday Night
  05/26/09: Legistive Fly-In 2009 Summary
  04/28/09: Youth at National Session
  04/22/09: The Job the the National Master
  04/16/09: National Broadband Deployment Program
  04/14/09: Lessons Learned at the GGS
  03/22/09: Grange Growth Summit 09 Live from Texas
  03/24/09: America the Beautiful Seed Program
  03/27/09: Youth TeamSpeak Questions and Answers
02/18/09: Ideas to Improve State Youth Programs
  02/17/09: Recruitment Tips at the Masters Conference
  02/12/09: Grange Growth Summits
  02/10/09: Serbian Leaders Meet with National Grange Officials
  01/26/09: National Grange Welcomes Obama and Biden
  01/21/09: Recruiting Youth into the Grange
  01/09/09: Please Wait Your Turn
2008 Podcasts
  12/09/08: Master's Internal Address
  11/20/08: Woodrow Tucker
  11/17/08: Master's External Address

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