One Country Connected | Website

One Country Connected is an organization committed to ensuring that hundreds of thousands of rural Americans receive broadband Internet and infrastructure in rural areas and institutions.


Partnership for Prescription Assistance | Website

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance works to raise awareness of patient assistance programs and provide medicines to qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage for a near free price.


Download Fairness Coalition | Website

The Download Fairness Coalition aims to establish a federal framework for digital commerce and prevent discriminatory Internet-based taxation of digital goods and services.


Agriculture Workforce Coalition (AWC) | Website

AWC is developing proposals to help ensure that farmers and ranchers can find the hired hands they need to work on their operations both now and in the future.


Partnership for the Future of Medicare (PFM) | Website

The Partnership for the Future of Medicare is a bi-partisan organization focused on ensuring the long-term security of Medicare by fostering innovation and support approaches that positively shape the future of Medicare.


340B Coalition | Website

The 340B Coalition represents the thousands of safety net providers and programs participating in the Public Health Service’s Section 340B drug discount program.  The Coalition was created to assist providers with accessing and complying with the program while working with the Federal Government to improve implementation of the program.


Organizations Concerned about Rural Education (OCRE) | Website

Organizations Concerned about Rural Education is a coalition of two dozen education, farm, rural, technology and utility organizations that has been active since 1988. What brings us together is our common concern for the economic future of rural America, particularly, the education of rural children.


Stop the HIT | Website

The Stop The HIT Coalition represents the nation’s small business owners, their employees and the self-employed who are actively working to repeal the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This costly, unfair and hidden tax will increase the cost of health insurance in the small business market and would needlessly stifle economic growth.


Fight Fraud First! (FFF) | Website

Fight Fraud First! is a collaborative effort on behalf of seniors, persons with disabilities, military veterans, and family members to advocate for the elimination of waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.


Alliance to Feed the Future | Website

The Alliance to Feed the Future works to raise awareness and improve understanding of the benefits and necessity of modern food production and technology in order to meet global demand.


Don’t Mess With Our Bonds Coalition

Started by the National Association of Counties (NACO), the Don’t Mess With Our Bonds Coalition is a group of local and community based organizations working to protect the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds, helping to encourage investment in America’s local communities.


Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) | Website

The Agricultural Advisory Committee was created in 1985 to advise the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission on issues involving the trading of agricultural commodity futures and options and facilitate communications between the CFTC, the agricultural community, and agriculture-related organizations.


Pharmacy Choice and Access Now | Website

Pharmacy Choice and Access Now (PCAN) is a coalition of consumers, local business and pharmacists across the nation committed to preserving quality and affordable health care and pharmacy services for patients.