Building Character and Leaders

For generations, people have credited their involvement in the Grange with personal growth, character development, leadership skills and confidence. The Grange’s structure allows everyone an equal voice, and nurtures skills and values through a structured program in the Junior Grange as early as age 5.

Adults serving as mentors and leaders of Junior and Youth programs also find joy in their work with the next generation who will carry the spirit of America forward.

“As a Junior Grange leader for about 20 years, my greatest joy is seeing young people come into the Grange as shy 5-year-olds and grow into great community leaders.” Patty Swing, who with her daughter, leads the Junior Grange that is attached to Aracadia Grange in North Carolina.”

Patty Swing

“I don’t know if my girls would have the confidence they have today if they were not Grange members.” Leah Santos, speaking about daughters, Shalynne Santos, 14, and Kasey Santos, 8, who have been Junior Granger members since they were 5-years-old.”

Leah Santos

“Following my parents and grandparents, I joined the Grange at 7-years-old. I attended State Youth Programs and activities where I gained the confidence and experience to do more things than I ever thought I could do. In the Grange I gained the confidence and ability to handle anything set before me. In employment, I became a Child Protective Services Investigator, a difficult job requiring confidence and finesse in difficult situations. The Grange helped prepare me for life, to handle anything that comes my way.”

Nancy Wolfe