Expanding Knowledge

The Grange strives to allow each individual to reach their full potential. As part of the original design of the organization, an officer position was created that was solely responsible for bringing to the members entertainment and activities which expanded their knowledge of different subject areas. This officer, the Lecturer, is vital to Grange meetings because they planned and conducted programs. Moreover, Grange members often attend cultural and educational forums, political rallies and hearings, and research topics of interest to bring information to their fellow members.

Today, Lecturers plan programs, help to identify what issues the Grange should focus on and what members want and need to learn more about.   They put on programs not just for Grange members, but also for the community at large, hoping to expand the knowledge of every citizen in their community. Grange programs use readings, lectures, multimedia and more to inform the audience. The National Grange is happy to provide many tools Granges can use to learn about issues that are important to rural America as well as our organization.