Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of the Grange that allows local members to interact and serve the communities where they reside.

Granger members participate in big and small projects, partner with other community organizations, they fundraise for various causes within their community and nationally. Serving our communities whether it is helping our neighbor in need or bake sale to raise money for the local school, you can always count on the Grange being involved.

Our local Grangers recognize outstanding citizens in their communities, like fireman and policeman and sponsor local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. This allows for Grange families and other citizens to participate in community service.

If you want to be more involved in your neighborhood or you community then the Grange is the place for you. Connecting Communities through Service is the Grange way.


FF/LEO/Teacher of the Year Award


I commend all of you for the work you do in your states coordinating your various community service projects.  Many states have continued a project that Dick Patten, New Hampshire State Grange Community Service Director, started when he was the National Community Service Director in 1998.  He initiated a recognition award for firefighters and law enforcement officers that local Granges could utilize. Several State Grange’s recognize an “of the Year” award.

These two awards will be known as the Dick Patten Community Service Firefighter and Law Enforcement Officer of the Year presented by the National Grange Community Service Department.  These awards are open to volunteer and paid firefighters and law enforcement personnel.
This year, the National Grange is adding a National Grange Teacher of the Year award.

Each State Grange may submit one nominee for each category.  If your state does not currently promote this recognition program, I hope that you will initiate it and submit your state winner for possible National Grange recognition. Each state will determine how their nominees are chosen and then send in the nomination form, which accompanies this letter. Please feel free to include any other supporting paperwork.  Most states last year included their state nomination form also, which was helpful to the judges.  The deadline for submissions will be to me by mail at 1608 Culbertson Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577. The deadline TO ME is October 1, 2016 (not postmark deadline), so they can be judged before National Grange session in Washington, D.C., this year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Pete Pompper at (609) 820-6239 or via email at


2015 National Community Service Award Winners

 1stmedals-vs72mC  Little Compton #32 (RI)  2ndplace  Friday Harbor #225 (WA)
 SSM-63-1  Montague #140 (NJ)  4ndplace  Volunteer #1250 (TN)

Firefighter Award: Arthur Jette (MT)

Law Enforcement Award: James Miclon (ME)