Outreach & Values

Since 1867, Grange members have been committed to the betterment of their communities. From community service initiatives to grassroots legislative action, Grange members believe that what they do to strengthen their hometowns today can have a lasting and positive impact tomorrow.

Why are there so many fourth-, fifth- and sixth-generation members within our ranks? Maybe it’s because the Grange is an organization that allows family members of all ages, from newborns to great-grandparents, to serve together, be entertained together, and make decisions together. Maybe it’s the fact that when you’re a Grange member, you’re part of an extended family within your hometown and across the country. Whatever the case may be, the Grange is at the heart of many families across America.

The National Grange strives to provide superior programs, benefits and services to all of our members. From discounts on energy and prescription drugs to discounted dictionaries Granges can purchase to donate to school children, the Grange is an organization determined to help people, and people helping people.