The National Grange is always happy to receive completed stories about accomplishments of individual Grange members and community, Pomona and State Granges, as well as stories about agriculture, rural America and Grange programming, as well as story ideas. Completed stories will be considered for publication in the National Grange newsletter, the New Grange, as well as on the website.



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Story Tips

Do you have an idea for a story you would like to see in the New Grange or website? If you don’t feel comfortable writing the story yourself, feel free to submit as much information as possible so the Communications Department may use it when producing future material for National Grange publications.  We will never share contact information you have submitted with anyone outside the Grange.

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Completed Stories

Stories should be written in good taste. Stories submitted may be repurposed for other promotional material for the Grange. Stories will be edited for grammar, spelling and style. Writers are expected to produce truthful accounts and adhere to basic journalistic standards of fairness and accuracy.  Authors are liable for the content they submit.  Stories submitted should include the author’s name, Grange affiliation if any, and contact information. Photos are encouraged with every story, however, the author is responsible for attaining permission from subjects who appear in the photo for dissemination.

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