National Master reaffirms Grange’s ag policies in speech

Ed_addressOn Tuesday, November 12th during the Opening Session of the 147th Annual Convention National Grange Master, Ed Luttrell delivered his sixth annual address. For the first time the Master’s Annual Address was broadcast via Live-Stream to a world-wide audience and Grangers from around the country listened in. The speech was recorded and views continued to climb toward one thousand views as of Wednesday afternoon.

Lutrell’s greeting was passionate and his excitement about the National Grange returning to New Hampshire was evident.

“For the past 146 years, the Grange has focused on educating and teaching our members how to make their lives, and the communities they call home, better. We have helped generations of Americans to improve their lives through practical application of the lessons taught throughout the Order. In the Process, we have many times also changed America for the better.”

The Grange’s primary focus on agriculture was prominent in Master Luttrell’s speech. He mentioned the Farm Bill, GMO’s and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). He demanded that elected officials “Pass a Farm Bill now!” and received a loud applause from the audience. He suggested that Congress separate the SNAP program from the Farm Bill or resolve the impasses they are facing. He lastly mentioned GMO’s and the National Grange’s policy to support all forms of agriculture.

Master Lutrell then passionately spoke about the country’s financial situation, he encouraged the government to handle the country’s money like an individual family and not spend more than they bring in. Master Lutrell then called on all Grangers to put aside partisanship and elect the most responsible officials possible, who will spend money wisely.