Legislative Priorities

Every year, Grangers across the nation gather at National Session to ratify our Grange policy and set our legislative agenda for the following year. Based upon our Grange policy and the relevant issues facing our nation today, our top legislative priorities for 2013 include:

2013 Farm Bill

  • The extension of the 2008 Farm Bill was very disappointing for the agricultural community and the Grange will continue to work with our strategic partners and legislators on the Hill to see a comprehensive, five-year Farm Bill passed in 2013.   Read more

Broadband Expansion

  • Today’s global economy demands that every participant have access to reliable, high-speed Internet in order to remain competitive. The Grange will continue its work of ensuring that rural small businesses and households alike gain access to this vital resource.  Read more

Rural Healthcare

  • Access to affordable healthcare should not depend on geographic location. Rural America should have the same healthcare coverage and services available to its urban counterparts and the Grange will continue its work to fulfill this mission.  Read more

Postal Reform

  • Returning the United States Postal Service to a state of financial solvency is a must for America’s rural areas that still rely on the USPS for basic services. The Grange will continue to advocate for dramatic restructuring of the USPS in hopes that they can continue fulfilling their obligations to the many customers they serve.  Read more

Agriculture Education

  • The United States has the safest, most abundant and diverse food supply in the world and we must work hard to keep it that way. Therefore, it is essential that we make an investment in our next generation of growers and producers by granting them the opportunity to take an interest in agriculture and the vital purpose it serves to every global citizen.  Read more

Rural Education

  • Rural school districts deserve the same resources and attention from our legislators in Congress as schools located in urban areas. Distance education courses, knowledgeable faculty, and adequate funding must be available to rural schools and the students they serve.  Read more

Debt Reduction

  • Our nation’s mounting debt is a direct threat to our national security, economic opportunities and the ability of future generations to work and prosper as free citizens of this great nation. Reducing the debt level and passing a balanced budget by which Congress must abide will remain a high priority for the Grange.  Read more

At the National Grange, we strive to bring rural America the resources it requires to stay current and competitive in today’s marketplace. It is our belief that by focusing our efforts on the aforementioned list, we will complete this most important mission. If you have any questions regarding our legislative agenda, please contact the National Grange Office, at 202-628-3507 ex. 112 or [email protected]