Grange Month 2012

April 2012 as Grange Month!

The theme for Grange Month 2012 is “American Values. Hometown Roots.” and these four words should be proudly used by you to show our local focus and efforts while reminding people that we are national in scope. The Grange stands for traditional American values, such as the freedom to exhibit our faith according to our own conscience, hope for the future, charity to the needy, and fidelity to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation.

To observe Grange Month, I encourage all Granges to open their doors with an open house, similar program, or even a special project to benefit your community. Invite the public into your hall and use that opportunity to share the values and rich benefits of Grange membership and involvement with your
hometown neighbors.

The Community Citizen Award program is one way to demonstrate to your community the importance of being involved in relevant issues in your town or area. Let your local newspapers and radio stations know who will receive this prestigious award and when you will honor them.

This packet contains everything you need to make your Grange Month celebration an outstanding success! Award applications, planning information, order forms, posters… it is all here and ready for your use. Take to time to share this information with each member as we of us should be serving as a
Grange ambassador every month, but especially this April.

Americans are searching for organizations with similar values and the advantage for the Grange is that we will make them part of our family. American Values are what we can share and the benefits will be to our Hometown Roots.