G. O. A. L Series

Grange Outreach for Active Leadership (G.O.A.L.) Seminar

A GOAL Seminar is a tailored program to meet the needs of your Community Grange, Pomona Grange or State Grange leadership enhancement and membership growth. In cooperation with your State Grange Master and/or Membership Director, The National Grange Leadership/Membership Development Director will facilitate a program to assist your Grange.

Your G.O.A.L. Seminar may provide training for current/prospective Grange leaders to run effective meetings, promote positive interpersonal relations within your Grange and/or with your community, attract new members and/or increase loyalty and involvement of current members.

For more information, contact Michael J. Martin at mmartin@nationalgrange.org or call 814-883-3465.

G.O.A.L. Seminars for 2013

Date Host Contact
January 13 Maine State Grange Headquarters Rick Grotton | Email
January 25-27 New Hampshire State Grange Anne Boisvert | Email
February 9 Kansas State Grange Leadership Conference Melanie Bostwick | Email
March 11-15 Idaho & Montana Grange Growth Tour Idaho – Ken & Linda Thruston | Email
Montana – Clara Scott | Email
April 6 Indiana State Grange Spring Meeting Gordon Groves | Email
June 8 Virginia State Grange
Goodwill Grange, Troutdale, Virginia
Melinda Hankins | Email
June 12-14 Ohio State Grange Growth Tour Daryl Flowers | Email
July 20 New York State Grange Al & Vinni Kirmss | Email
September 21 New York State Grange Al & Vinni Kirmss | Email