Deaf Focus

For many years the National Grange has focused on establishing programs that promote deaf awareness. Programs and other initiatives to aid in medical, educational and recreational assistance for the deaf have impacted thousands across the nation.  Some of these programs include, a partnership with Gallaudet University, the Deaf Awareness Grant Program in conjunction with the National Grange Foundation and an ongoing supportive relationship with Dogs for the Deaf.

Many state Grange’s across the country have taken deaf awareness even further. The Mandy Project, established by the Kansas State Grange has been proliferated by the National Grange throughout the country. The Mandy Project provides financial assistance to families experiencing hardships due to a child’s hearing loss.

Colorado State Grange, while supporting the Mandy Project, also collects Campbell’s product labels to help raise money for the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.

Many other of our State Granges such as Florida, Washington and Ohio have comprehensive programs that aid in deaf awareness as well.  Each of these programs, and programs developed in local Granges across the United States, are provided assistance and fraternal support through the National Grange programs and communications departments.

Legislative initiatives related to deaf awareness, support, technology and protection have been a priority in our lobbying efforts at the National Grange. Further, the National Grange offers many opportunities for members to interact with the deaf community, learn basic and advanced American Sign Language and raise awareness about hearing loss and its causes.


Gallaudet University Internship Endowment
The Deaf Foundation endows an internship fund with Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet University was founded in 1864 and is one of the only universities specifically designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. This fund is intended to assist interns with living expenses, including transportation, housing, and meals. The internship is strictly used for career-related work activities. Example of the internships that students have participated in with our help include: the Library of Congress, the White House, and Booz Allen Hamilton. All Grange members who come to Washington, D.C. to visit Gallaudet University are encourage to visit Gallaudet, you can set up a tour by contacting the National Grange office. To learn more about Gallaudet University go .

Deaf Awareness Grant Program
For many years the National Grange conducted an active Deaf Awareness Program which led to many valuable projects that enabled our members to learn more about deaf people and their challenges.  In many cases, great relationships were also built with the deaf community. A fund was developed within the National Grange Foundation for the purpose of supporting deaf activities within the Grange.  Because funds are still available, this grant program is being offered to assist states with funding various deaf awareness activities.

National Grange Deaf Awareness Grant Program Application

Dogs for the Deaf
The National Grange is pleased to present The Dogs for the DeafDVD. This DVD highlights the Grange’s relationship with Dogs for the Deaf and CEO Robin Dickson’s demonstration from the 2009 National Grange Convention. The DVD is available to all Granges and Grange members and is approximately 15 minutes.

The National Grange, along with local Granges, has worked with Dogs for the Deaf for many years and this DVD expands on that relationship. The National Grange encourages you to use this as a new tool to get your Grangers involved with Dogs for the Deaf.

Please visit Dogs for the Deaf to learn more about how you can help.