Chinese Government Officials Visit the National Grange

Grace and groupThe Grange is truly an American organization from its democratic elections through its grassroots nature. Because of that, many foreign dignitaries and scholars are often interested in the Grange. Through a connection with the State Department, for the second time in the past few years, the National Grange staff hosted sixteen Chinese Government officials from China’s Gansu province.

On Dec. 12th, the officials were introduced to National Grange President Ed Luttrell before meeting with the National Grange’s Legislative Director, Grace Boatright to discuss American agriculture and the role of the National Grange. The Chinese Government officials included, regulators, technology promoters and technical staff. Boatright began the discussion by explaining the history of the Grange, how it functions and the kinds of issues Grangers care about that Boatright advocates for on the Hill.

“We enjoyed having our Chinese visitors here at the Grange building to discuss the state of American agriculture and the Grange’s involvement in creating agricultural policy,” Boatright said. The Chinese officials had many questions of their own on topics that ranged from the Farm Bill to China’s trade partnership with the U.S. “China is quickly becoming a prime trading partner as their middle class continues to expand, creating more demand for U.S. agricultural goods. The better we understand each other, the easier it will be to reach that market,” said Boatright.