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National Grange Public Radio has become an excellent resource for Grange members and non-Grange members alike. Since it’s inception in December of last year, NGPR has been slowly but surely increasing not only the number of listeners, but the types of informational, educational and informative programing that it has to offer. However, earlier this month, the National Grange Public Radio station suffered a catastrophic setback.  The home studio and equipment used to broadcast NGPR were damaged beyond repair by severe weather. Unfortunately most of this equipment will not be replaced by insurance and we need to buy new equipment it to get NGPR back up and running.

To raise money for the new equipment, the National Grange is selling T-Shirts emblazoned with the National Grange Public Radio logo. The shirts are being sold for twenty dollars and run from youth extra small all the way through to adult four extra large. Click on the link below to see what the shirt looks like and to place your order.  Remember this is a great cause and every little bit helps!



Progress of the 2013 Farm Bill and what it might mean for Grange members

National Grange volunteer Victoria Whitehead chats with National Grange Legislative Director Grace Boatright and Agri-Pulse Journalist Derrick Cain on the progress of the 2013 Farm Bill and what it might mean for Grange members. 

Making the most of Grange Month

National Grange President Ed Luttrell sits down with several State Presidents and members to discuss ways to get the most out of Grange Month.

My Life Outside of the Grange: Lyle Lee

2012 National Grange Communications Fellow Debbie Gegare continues her My Life Outside of Grange interviews with the President of the Illinois State Grange, Lyle Lee. Listen to hear what makes Lyle so unique. 

Tips and tricks to make your Grange stand out

2012 National Grange Communication Fellow Debbie Gegare sits down with Dale and Shirley Baker of Orangevale Grange No. 354, California, to discuss tips and tricks to make your Grange stand out.  

Interview with James Taylor

2012 John Trimble Legislative Experience Recipient Matt Clark and communication fellow Barbara Foster sit down with Virginia delegate and State Master James Taylor to discus his life inside and outside of the Grange. 

Conservation and the Grange

In this episode of Grange Radio, Communications fellow Debbie Gegare talks with members of the Conservation committee on the Grange’s role in serving the environment. Guests: Scott Nicholson (Montana), Wade Schneiderman (Nevada), Duane Hamp (Washington), John Poirrier (Alaska) and Mark and Susan Noah (Oregon).

My Life Outside the Grange

Communication fellow Debbie Gegare sits down with Delaware State Grange Master and National Grange Steward Chip Narvel to discuss his life outside of the Grange and what the Grange means to him.

Agriculture Discussion at 2012 National Convention

Communication Fellow Joe Stefenoni sits down with State Grange leaders to discuss key issues affecting the agriculutral community in the United States and what needs to be done for the future.

Guests: Donna Keeton (Oklahoma), John Plank (Indiana), Jack Smithers (Texas), Jim Foster (West Virginia), David McCord (Colorado), Harry Greer (Colorado) and Nathan Strawder (Kansas).

Gearing up for National Convention

National Grange Communications Director Amanda Brozana chats with John and Peggy Fine and National Grange Executive Assistant Jessie Cope on the beauty of Idaho and the things you can expect from the National Convention in November.