National Secretary

National SecretaryJudy Sherrod

National Grange Secretary

National Grange of the Order
of the Patrons of Husbandry

Judy Sherrod, Secretary of the National Grange.    Sherrod, a Granger for 45+ years, is currently President of the Tennessee State Grange.  She is editor of the monthly newsletter, Tennessee Granger, as well as her Subordinate Grange monthly newsletter, The Volunteer.   Her local Grange is Volunteer Grange #1250 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Judy works for Moseley & Ragle, PLC, a law firm in Knoxville, where she is a legal assistant and the office manager.   She has one daughter, Christy, who is currently the State Director for Juniors/Youth/Young Adults, State Lady Assistant Steward, and former member of the National Grange Youth Team.   Judy has two granddaughters, Haley and Emily.  Haley and Emily are Junior Grangers, and 4th generation Grangers.

When not busy with Grange work, Judy enjoys reading, making craft items, taking mission trips home and abroad and spending time with her granddaughters.   She is very active in her church, being a member of the sanctuary choir.   Judy is also a clown (Puddin’), attending workshops throughout the year to maintain her skills.  She is the past President of her local clown alley (club), and is currently the secretary and editor of the monthly club newsletter.   Other than her clown character, she has developed other comic characters and routines as well.  One of her favorite characters is “Imogene Payne”, who has made appearances at Grange events across the country