National Assistant Steward


John Plank

National Assistant Steward

National Grange of the Order
of the Patrons of Husbandry

John Plank is a 3rd generation Granger.  At age 5 he started out in Deacon Junior Grange, after his 14th birthday he joined Deacon Grange #2315.  Currently John is the National Grange Assistant Steward, President (Master) of Indiana State Grange, co-editor of the Indiana State Grange newsletter, member of Union Pomona #50 and Pleasant Grove Grange #2338.  In the past 44 years John has held many different offices in Local and Pomona Grange.  At State he held Assistant Steward (twice), Steward, Overseer and President.

John has worked at Saint Joseph’s College for the past 26 years as the Electrical/HVAC Supervisor.  He also serves on the Financial Advisory and the Presidential Advisory Council at Saint Joseph’s College.  John is looking forward to retiring soon and enjoying more time with his family.

John has been married to Susan (Waymire) for 32 years and they have 3 children and 2 grandsons with hopes of more to come.  They have been doing more traveling together the past couple years with their family and hope to start taking their grandsons with them soon.  They are very active with their church and its activities. John has been Lay Leader, PPR committee, Church Council Asst Chairman, Financial Secretary, Trustee member/Chairman, Finance Chairman and Bountiful Blessing Chairman.