Lady Assistant Steward

hampChristine Hamp

National Lady Asst Steward

National Grange of the Order
Of Patrons of Husbandry


Christine E. (Chris) Hamp, a fourth-generation Granger, was raised on a dairy farm homesteaded in 1882 by her great-grandfather in Monroe, Washington. Chris joined Tualco Junior Grange #341 in 1972 at the age of 5. In 1981 she joined Tualco Grange #284 and received all 7 degrees in just six months. Currently, Chris serves as Master at Five Mile Prairie Grange #905 in Spokane County where she is an affiliate member.

Of note, Chris was named the Washington State Outstanding Junior Granger in 1981, the Washington State Outstanding Young Granger in 1986, National Youth Ambassador in 1986 and Master of the National Youth Officer Team in 1996. She also served as the Washington State Grange Lady Assistant Steward from 1990-1995, as a Washington State Grange Special Deputy from 1999-2011 and as Pomona of the National Grange from 2011-2013.

Chris has earned a bachelor degree in Public Policy & Administration from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, a Master of Public Administration degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC and an associate degree of technical arts in Fire Command Administration from Edmonds Community College in Edmonds, Washington.

While Chris earned her first million picking raspberries, she is currently employed by Spokane County Fire District 9 as the District’s Administrative Services Director where she also serves as a volunteer firefighter/EMT and is a Certified Fire Investigator.

Chris and her husband Duane, the current Master of the Washington State Grange, live outside Spokane, Washington.