Executive Committee Member – Duane Scott

 Executive Committee Member

Duane Scott

Executive Committee Member

National Grange of the Order
Of Patrons of Husbandry

I am what could be described as a “table-top” Granger. I don’t remember a time when I was not at the Grange as a child. I have belonged to La Prairie Grange in Janesville, WI since I was a 5 year old Junior Granger. Before I turned 5 I had to attend the Subordinate Grange upstairs and sit behind my mom at the Secretary’s station. I was fascinated by the marching and the meeting ceremony. I think that is why I still like the pomp and circumstance of the Ritual.  My all time favorite office in the Grange is Assistant Steward, because of the marching. I have been Assistant Steward at the local, Pomona and State Grange Level. Specter in the 5th Degree would be a close 2nd. My wife, Kymm and I were on the 1996 National Grange Youth team and that has lead me to where I am today. I have been employed at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office since 1986 and have worked my way through the various divisions and currently hold the rank of Captain. Kymm and I have been married for 29 years and have a 23 year old daughter, Amber.

 What I enjoy the most about holding  National office is being able to travel to different State Grange conventions and see how the Ritualistic work is done in different states. There is always a slight variation and each thinks that they are doing it the “right” way. I believe that the ability to go to a Grange, State or Subordinate, where you have never been before and be accepted as if you were born into their Grange is the one best and greatest difference between the Grange organization and all other organizations.